[2600 TFTP Download from ROMMON.txt] 2600 TFTP Download from ROMMON.txt


a. TFTP Server running on a PC in local network.

b. Ethernet cable plugged into f0/0 on router, that connects to local network via switch/hub.

c. Console access to router.

d. The following commands assume your TFTP server is, free IP for router is, IOS image is c2600-ipbasek9-mz.124-9.T.bin and should be located in your TFTP server directory. Change if different.

Upgrade steps:

0. Install DRAM & flash into router.

1. Power-on router, issue break to drop to rommon after memory count.

2. At rommon, issue following commands EXACTLY as listed, followed by <ENTER>. Case and space sensitive! It's best to have the straight-thru ethernet cable plugged in to f0/0 before starting any of these steps. This ensures you won't have TFTP timeout due to spanning-tree wait time.




d. TFTP_FILE=c2600-ipbasek9-mz.124-9.T.bin


f. sync

g. confreg 0x2142

h. tftpdnld

3. The tftpdnld should now begin, and you'll see the router then 'programming flash' until done. You can also issue the 'h' line as 'tftpdnld -r'. This will download the image and boot the router without programming flash. If this is done you would then proceed with an IOS upgrade via IOS as normal. This is a bit faster as the 'programming flash' part takes considerably longer via rommon than IOS. Just remember to NOT power down the router before TFTP'ing the image over via IOS!

Cisco2600 Password recovery:



term length 0

wr er

conf t

service password-recovery

config 0x2102


sh ver

sh diag

sh env all

sh inv

sh alig


Here are a few Tech Tips for Cisco equipment

Delfi Communications Tech Tips

CP-7945G Phone:

Hard Reset 7945 Is it possible to reset a 7945 back to the factory settings?? ========================================Sure, perform the following: press Settings enter **# to unlock the phone More softkey will appear press it You will see Erase softkey, press it ========================================softkeys are the rectangle buttons beneath the display. there are 5 on a 7945 ========================================http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/voice_ip_comm/cuipph/7965g_7945g/6_1_3/english/administration/guide/7965trb.html#wp1087544